Sailing in Penghu

Sailing in Penghu

Where we sail

We sail mostly in the beautiful Penghu Archipelago which provides an excellent play ground with changing winds throughout the day. We do day trips to most islands and anchor near beaches for lunch break.
The nature of the bay with its many islands provide us with many sailing challenges as the wind is deflected by the shores created by the many islands. If the wind is very strong and if there is swell, we can stay in the sheltered bay. If the sea is more mellow, we can venture out to get more wind.

Winds and seasons of Taiwan

The wind season in Penghu is long and lasts from September until May. In September and early October typhoons in the region can make sailingtemporarily impossible for two different reasons – typhoons hitting the island would make conditions too extreme, while typhoons passing in a certain distance can suck up all the air around them resulting in a few wind-less days in Penghu. But barring typhoons at the beginning of the season, there is almost always wind at the Pescadores – and usually a lot of it. Typical wind speeds in the 30-50 knot range and we need to reef often to be comfortable.

It is worth mentioning, that the wind high-season happens to be the low-season for tourism, so you do not overlap with the summer crowd. Prices of accommodation tend to be lower and plenty of options available. The island receives mostly Taiwanese tourists during the summer months (June-August) and only occasional travelers during the rest of the year. Indeed some shops and restaurants close completely for the winter months.




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