IYT Yachtmaster Coastal

IYT Yachtmaster Coastal

This IYT 6 days practical course will take you further than before and at night on board our ocean cruiser. You will learn to navigate during the day without a GPS and rely on Dead Reckoning, Position Fixing, piloting... You will be on watch duty at night and bring the boat back to a safe harbor. This course is not for beginners and requires that you already have your bareboat license and have at least 800NM at sea with some night experience. At the end of this course, an independent examiner will ensure the yachtmaster candidate has sufficient ability to be in charge of a vessel in moderate wind and sea conditions up to 60NM of the coastline.

Course Objective: Prepare sailors to skipper a vessel up to 60NM in moderate sea and by night
Pre Course Experience: Bareboat Skipper license or equivalent
Assume Knowledge: 800NM at sea with some night experience and a good command of a sail boat. VHF license
Duration: 6 days at sea

Cost: contact us

What will I learn?

  • Passage Planning, including route selection, alternate routes, safe anchoring
  • Boat preparation, including checking equipment, spare gear, water and food organisation
  • Piloting
  • Night sailing, including night watch keeping routines
  • Mooring under sail
  • Navigation without GPS


Once you have completed the course, you can pass the practical examination with a IYT appointed independent examiner. This is a one day event. If successful, you will be awarded the IYT Yachtmaster Coastal certificate.

What’s next?

With this certificate, you can charter a boat anywhere in the world and skipper a boat day and night up to 60NM. If you are tempted to go further you can consider becoming an IYT Offshore Yachtmaster.

It’s recommended that you contact us to book your IYT – Yachtmaster Coastal.

Call +886 918996671 (please, remember the time difference with Taiwan : UTC/GMT +8 hours) to inquire or book or use our contact form.

All our courses are conducted based on the criteria of : IYT – International Yacht Training

IYT – Yachtmaster Coastal Course price:

Price : contact us

You can pay by cash or Paypal. All our prices are fixed.

Our course package includes: boat rental and IYT instructive materials, instructor’s fee, warm lunch made from fresh local ingredients (when on the boat).

Note: All our courses have to be paid in Taiwan Dollars. The prices in US$ are informative.



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